The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

A businessman from Switzerland, Jeff Boyd, dreams of living in Australia where his friend Morton, a crazy bakery shop owner, has already settled down. Morton tries to persuade him to join soon and help in the shop. Frank, who lets Jeff stay at his place while he’s abroad, advises investing money with a commodity trading firm he knows. When Jeff signs the investment contract, he’s full of hope to leave the country with a pocket full of cash. After a phone call with his trader and a heavy argument with his boss at work, Jeff’s world collapses. That’s when he meets Wendy who’s also in a delicate state after losing her job. They discover they are soul-mates. Their worries about the world and what it develops into comes more and more to light. They want to make a change and develop a dangerous plan.

Still – The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

The film exposes the dilemmas in life about wrong and right choices we make, sticking to one and wanting more which eventually contradicts the law of life we all have experienced, like greediness, illusions, and unrealistic dreams. Different interests collide, as we see it only our way, until they clash, each having their own history: family matters, financial independence, wanting to change the world, and looking for the easy way out. Until we wake up and realize that it’s too late…

Still – The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

wrote the story only in a few weeks. When searching for the actors, he tried to connect on a personal level instead of the usual audition process. The core scenes were shot within a month while adding additional shots afterwards during a whole year. Post-production was eventually a very long process, in co-operation with 4 musicians, Michael Klubertanz, Paco Periago, Brendan Gillespie who also wrote and performed “Fall”, and Amanda Ply with “Waiting”. They all underlined the film with an unusual score. This is Uwe’s first film as a director. He tried to bring out the essence of each character and to stay truthful to the moment. (So truthful, that one time a real police SWAT team showed up as they suspected a hold up). Also important to him was the logical aspect of the story being told. All had to make sense and be believable as it would be in real life. And it becomes the real-life – with weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and motives, even though they might be a little bit crazy, like life itself! 

Poster – The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

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